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“Tournament Of Champions II” Is Culinary Excitement

HOLLYWOOD—I love to cook, and nothing is more entertaining than witnessing iconic, culinary titans in the kitchen facing unsurmountable odds and delivering food that...

“Food Network Star” Returns

HOLLYWOOD—A staple on Food Network has returned yet again. You know what that means: it’s time to crown a new star with “Food Network...

Sustainable Seafood Program Launches Across U.S.

UNITED STATES—The nonprofit culinary arts James Beard Foundation (JBF) announced the launch of its seafood sustainability program, Smart Catch, on Monday, June 5. The...

Food Hall Fun In Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES—We live in an age where new culinary trends seem to develop every week. In the past few years, we’ve encountered the popularity...

“Burnt” Fails To Inspire Cooking Lessons

HOLLYWOOD—Something that has been difficult to craft in the Hollywood arena for years is an intriguing movie that highlights the culinary world. The last...
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