Tag: chimneys

Clearance Pruning Directs Obtrusive Vegetation

UNITED STATES—Pruning techniques are very diverse to serve various purposes. Dormant pruning during winter concentrates resources for spring or summer growth. Hedging or shearing...

Chimney Clearance Must Be Maintained

UNITED STATES—Chimneys are easy to neglect. Some are external to the homes they serve. They occupy visible but minor garden space. Others are internal....

Gutters And Chimneys Need Attention

UNITED STATES—There is no time that is best to clean the gutters on the eaves. They should probably be cleaned early before the debris...

Trees Do Not Like Chimneys

UNITED STATES—There are many reasons why fireplaces and their chimneys are not such a safety concern like they were decades ago. Only a few...
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