Tag: Chris Evans

Pono Burger Manager Seen Buying TV From Looters

SANTA MONICA—Amid looting that occurred in Santa Monica on May 31, a restaurant manager from Pono Burger took the opportunity to purchase a television...

“Knives Out” Is Smart, Clever, Tons Of Fun

HOLLYWOOD─I think one of the most difficult things to do in the cinematic universe is to manifest a smart, clever, and intelligent whodunit that...

“Gifted” Has Plenty Of Warmth, Heart

HOLLYWOOD—I heard so much buzz about the drama “Gifted” that I found it impossible not to jump at the opportunity to see the movie...

“Captain America: Civil War” Rules The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well it was a stellar weekend for Steve Rogers and the rest of the comic book universe. Why? Well the third installment in the...

“Captain America: Civil War” Pure Adrenaline Fun

HOLLYWOOD—Well a few weeks ago, we were treated to an epic battle between superheroes with “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” While many critics...
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