Tag: CIA

Former CIA Director Interviewed In Durham Probe Of Russia Investigation

WASHINGTON— On Friday, August 21, former CIA director John Brennan was interviewed by John Durham’s team as part of its inquiry into the origins...

Schiff Names Eric Ciaramella As Whistleblower

UNITED STATES—Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee revealed the whistleblower listed on transcripts in the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, as Eric...

Jerome Corsi Sues Robert Mueller

UNITED STATES—Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., a American author and political commentator who has been accused of lying under oath to Special Counsel’s Robert Mueller’s investigation...

“Red Sparrow” Delivers Surprises

HOLLYWOOD—It is no easy feat to craft a spy-thriller that finds the right tone to leave the audience intrigued, involved and attempting to piece...

Security Precautions At The White House

UNITED STATES—We all knew the election of Donald Trump to the most powerful position in the world would be contentious, however, I never expected...

“Jason Bourne” Is Exhilarating, An Adrenaline Rush

HOLLYWOOD—I have been eagerly waiting for the return of Matt Damon to the “Bourne” franchise. I can honestly say this is the one franchise...
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