Tag: citrus

Citrus Fruits Ripen Through Winter

UNITED STATES—Winter seems like an odd time for fruit to ripen. Winter weather is cool enough to inhibit vascular activity in plants. That is...

Citrus Are Summery Fruits Of Winter

UNITED STATES—Citrus seem like such summery fruits. Chilled lemonade and lemon meringue pie are best during warm weather. There are certainly plenty of lemons...

Citrus On The Sucker List

UNITED STATES—A five pound kumquat is a problem! It means something went seriously wrong. Anyone who grew one would concur. They are huge, lumpy,...

Citrus And Avocado From Seed

UNITED STATES—Is it possible to grow citrus from seed? The quick and simple answer to that question is, “Yes.” After all, many cultivars of...

When Life Gives You Lemons

UNITED STATES—When life gives you lemons, it is likely this time of year. Although, the most popular garden varieties of lemon, like 'Meyer' and...

No One Likes A Sucker

UNITED STATES—Citrus trees that are grown from seed take a few years to mature enough to produce fruit. As they mature, the juvenile stems...
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