Tag: classics

Where Is Originality In Cinema?

HOLLYWOOD─This is a question I have wanted to know for years: where is the originality in cinema? It feels like the great movies of...

Old School Gaming: “Super Metroid”

UNITED STATES─After last week’s column where I discussed in detail my fondness of retro gaming and how it allows me to have a moment...

What Ever Happened To Classic Horror?

HOLLYWOOD—I’m a horror buff, and I have been like that since I was a kid. A four-year-old to be exact; I know it sounds...

All I Want For Christmas!

HOLLYWOOD—Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" is just like it was back in 1994 in chart position. It has fluctuated from number 1...

Hollywood Dying From Story Lost

HELLO AMERICA!—Millions of cinema lovers are hungry for stories and characters that inspire them; ones which kept theatre audiences in tears, laughter and even...

The Greatest Films Of All Time!

HOLLYWOOD—For some film critics, deciding which films are best is an anecdotal way of debating principles. Some may consider it theoretical and in the...
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