Tag: Claudette

Olivia Jerome Returns To “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, the mob is back in a big way on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Just when you suspect someone from the past is...

Valentin Cassadine Makes A Wicked “GH” Return

HOLLYWOOD—Guess what guys, its November sweeps! Yep, great things are happening on your favorite soaps with those long dragged out secrets or bombshells finally...

Paul Hornsby Gets Caught On “General Hospital”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, it has happened, but I did not expect it to happen that fast. Yep, things are moving quite fast on “General Hospital” as...

Claudette Arrives On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—After months of being teased about the mysterious Claudette, she made her presence well known in Port Charles on “General Hospital” this past week....
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