Tag: clutter

Do Your Best To Get Organized

UNITED STATES─Getting organized is no easy feat. For some of us, the shear thought of thinking about doing some organization work prevents us from...

Closet Overhaul

UNITED STATES—I did it. I did something that I had been talking about doing for months I finally took action and organized my closet....

Cleaning Out Clutter Is Not So Easy

UNITED STATES—Once a year, I attempt to do something that I think most Americans rank at the top of their list: declutter their homes....

De-Cluttering The Clutter

UNITED STATES—I’m going to let you all in on a little secret: I hate totes! I know so many people utilize totes and storage...

The Art To Organization

UNITED STATES—Keeping things organized is no easy task, but I believe that organization prevents chaos. I would not quite consider myself a neat freak,...
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