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5 Reasons To Consider Sorority Or Fraternity Life In College

UNITED STATES—Students heading to college know about fraternities. Some students go to specific colleges intending to join some of these sororities or fraternities. It...

UCLA Students Struggling With Housing Options

WESTWOOD—With COVID-19 guidelines, high rent payments, and limited on-campus housing, UCLA students are facing living situation problems for the 2020-21 academic year. Those seeking housing...

Student Loan Debt Crisis

UNITED STATES─There is indeed a crisis in our country right now; too many people are trapped with excessive student loan debt. Yes, I am...

How To Repeat The Success Of Michael Schumacher Ordinary College Students?

UNITED STATES—Michael Schumacher has been described by many sports lovers (especially those very much interested in the Formula 1 game) as the GOAT (Greatest...

Three Ways Out Of Your Busy Schedule

UNITED STATES—Typically, students face different overwhelming academic tasks to write essays or term papers or to complete projects. Besides, a student may be forced...

Getty Villa Is Hosting College Night

PACIFIC PALISADES—On Tuesday, November 1, the Getty Villa will be hosting a college night. Located at 17985 Pacific Coast Highway, the event is only...
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