Tag: colored foliage

Variegation And Other Foliar Color

UNITED STATES—Foliar color is not limited to autumn. Some deciduous plants display colorful foliage from spring to autumn. Then, some of these change color...

Foliage Shows Its True Color

UNITED STATES—Flowers were originally colorful only to attract pollinators. Breeding has improved the color and quality of many garden varieties of flowers, to make...

Colorful Foliage Fades Through Summer

UNITED STATES—Autumn foliar color is not the concern yet. It develops later as deciduous plants defoliate for winter. Purplish, reddish, yellowish, bluish or gray...

Colorful Foliage Long Before Autumn

UNITED STATES—The best and brightest color in the garden is obviously still provided by flowers. Autumn color can be spectacular, but only amongst relatively...

Variegated Foliage Brightens Shady Spots

UNITED STATES—Up at high elevations and out in deserts, where sunlight is most intense, plants can actually get more exposure than they need. The...
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