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Leaf Litter Really Is Perfectly Natural

UNITED STATES—Forests lack gardeners. In the wild, there is no one to rake fallen leaves or blow them away. Foliage falls from trees and...

Mulch Is Imitation Of Nature

UNITED STATES—Every living thing in our gardens came from the wild somewhere. A few plants might be natives trying to adapt to synthetic landscapes....

Mulch Suits Autumn Quite Naturally

UNITED STATES—It is silly for us to think that we know more about gardening that the plants who live out in the garden full...

Compost Giveaway In West Hollywood

WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Saturday, September 29, there will be a compost giveaway at Plummer Park in West Hollywood. The event will take place from 9...

To Mulch Is Not Enough

UNITED STATES—Most plants would prefer the real thing; how they do it in the wild. They drop their leaves, flowers and twigs. Deciduous plants...

Some Weeds Can Hurt Pets

UNITED STATES—Weeds always have unfair advantages. They grow fast enough to bloom and disperse seed before the rain of early spring runs out, so...
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