Tag: consumers

Negotiating Those Bills

UNITED STATES—This weekend I had to take care of monthly expenses and as a result it seriously got me thinking about a few things,...

The Madness Of Black Friday!

UNITED STATES—The biggest shopping day of the year is fast-approaching us. For those not in the know, I’m referring to Black Friday or what...

What Good Is A Warranty?

UNITED STATES—I know many of you have encountered this issue in the past or you will encounter it in the near future. Warranties, what...

What Are We Really Putting On Our Skin?

UNITED STATES—A short time ago, I prided myself on living a healthy lifestyle. I maintained a healthy diet; I encouraged everyone around me to...

Commercial Mania

UNITED STATES—Oh, if you watched the Super Bowl, which likely took place for 90 percent of America, you saw a ton of commercials, some...
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