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Coppice To Renovate Overgrown Shrubbery

UNITED STATES—Pollarding is extreme pruning. It removes all but the most substantial of limbs and trunks. Coppicing is even more extreme. It leaves only...

Coppicing And Pollarding Annoy Arborists

UNITED STATES—Coppicing and pollarding are the most extreme of pruning techniques. They may also be among the oldest in some cultures. Yet, arborists are...

Pollarding And Coppicing Appall Arborists

UNITED STATES—Very few arborists in America condone the extreme pruning techniques known as pollarding and coppicing. Both techniques essentially ruin trees, and deprive them...

Pollarding And Coppicing Pruning Techniques

UNITED STATES—Just about any other arborist will say that pollarding and coppicing are wrong. These techniques ruin trees so that they can never develop...
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