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Homelessness In The Times Of Corona

MALIBU—The People Concern is an NGO based out of Santa Monica, two of their full-time employees work out of Malibu, helping the homeless community...

Small Businesses Taking The Biggest Hit

MALIBU—Small businesses that are considered 'non-essential' are bearing the brunt of the economic loss due to the lockdown. Walk-ins make up the majority of...

Ralph’s Employees Tested Positive For Corona

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Rock'n'Roll Ralph's, the grocery store on Sunset Boulevard, has had 21 confirmed cases of Corona. Jackie Mayoral is one of the employees who has...

Bryce McIntosh Charged For Killing Noah McIntosh

CORONA—Bryce McIntosh, 33,  was charged for the murder of his 8-year old son, Noah McIntosh on Thursday, March 28. Noah was last seen over a...
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