Tag: coronavirus

Can-Do Americans In Can’t-Do Times

UNITED STATES─In this era of the Coronavirus endemic, it can be reassuring to know that we Americans have faced similar challenges throughout our history....

Hollywood Ghost Town When Corona Visit

HELLO AMERICA!─Even though the world looks at Hollywood as a golden land of fame and miracles, this Disneyland promotion concept fell flat on the...

Public Scam, Fake Remedies For Coronavirus

UNITED STATES—The seriousness of the Coronavirus has people searching online for prevention and cures. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is alerting the public to...

The Coronavirus Epidemic

UNITED STATES─I swear in my lifetime if I never hear the word ‘Coronavirus’ every again, it would make me the happiest person in the...

Senator Ted Cruz Possibly Exposed To COVID-19 Virus

UNITED STATES—In a statement released on Sunday, March 8, Republican Senator Ted Cruz indicated he is quarantining himself as a precautionary measure at his...
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