Tag: CPD

2 CPD Officers, 1 Suspect Injured After Shootout

CHICAGO, IL—On Sunday, August 30, two officers conducting a traffic stop were shot by the suspect, resulting in all parties sustaining injuries. The incident occurred...

Shaundric Mann Along With 23 Others Arrested During Protest

CHICAGO— The Chicago Police Department made a series of arrests on Saturday, August 15 after several violent disputes broke out between officers and civilians...

Jeremey Johnson Charged For Battery Of Police Officer

CHICAGO— A man was charged and taken into custody on Saturday, August 15 by the Chicago Police Department for the assault and battery of...

Jussie Smollett Brutally Attacked… or Not?

CHICAGO— Jussie Smollet was brutally attacked while walking to Subway Restaurant.  The attackers were in ski masks, wearing MAGA hats yelling racist and homophobic...
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