Tag: Credit Card

Finance Preparation For 2019

UNITED STATES—Christmas is over, the New Year has ushered itself in and for many Americans it will be time to tackle a load of...

Cash Is Best!

UNITED STATES—We’ve had the conversation before, but with all the recent reports of privacy laws being violated and customer information being hacked, there are...

Debit Card Or Cash, What Do You Prefer?

UNITED STATES—It is a question that many people who are not so tech savvy have asked themselves rather its smarter to have a debit...

Spending Madness

UNITED STATES—Well that time of year has dawned upon us, and for many of us it places us in a spending frenzy that we...

Stolen Credit Cards Used At Hotel Carmel

SANTA MONICA—26-year old, Gabriel Ivan Brunet was arrested on October 16 at 3:00a.m, according to Santa Monica Police Department officer, Richard Elias.  The suspect allegedly...

Credit Card Temptation

UNITED STATES—Credit cards can be dangerous. It’s that piece of plastic that many of us go to in an effort to reserve cash that...
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