Tag: culinary competition

“Tournament Of Champions IV” Crowns A Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—Hands down the best culinary competition on TV right now is Food Network’s “Tournament of Champions.” Trust me, I hate food competitions, I prefer...

“Tournament Of Champions” Season 4 Unleashed!

HOLLYWOOD—Guy Fieri hands down is the greatest culinary host I have ever witnessed on TV people. Food Network knew this guy was a star...

“Tournament Of Champions III” Crowns A Winner

HOLLYWOOD—It has been a thrill-a-minute to watch the Food Network culinary competition “Tournament of Champions III.” The first season was incredible and something not...

“Tournament Of Champions” Kicks Off Season Three!

HOLLYWOOD—This has been my favorite new series since it first aired in 2020, I’m referring to Food Network’s “Tournament of Champions.” Think of it...

“Tournament Of Champions II” Is Culinary Excitement

HOLLYWOOD—I love to cook, and nothing is more entertaining than witnessing iconic, culinary titans in the kitchen facing unsurmountable odds and delivering food that...

“Food Network Star” Crowns A Winner

HOLLYWOOD—I have always been a fan of the reality competition show “Food Network Star.” It gives the opportunity for a culinary cook, home cook...
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