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Good Customer Service Matters!

UNITED STATES—We have talked countless times in the past about how bad customer service tends to transpire at many of our favorite retailers, companies...

Businesses Do Not Care About Customers

UNITED STATES—We’ve talked about customer service so much before in the past, but let’s talk about it yet again, because it seems we have...

Do Companies Care About Customers?

UNITED STATES—This is something that annoys me greatly. Why is it so hard to find decent customer service nowadays? It seems to be the...

Lackluster Customer Service

UNITED STATES—Customer service, what happened to it? I remember the golden days where it was apparent that businesses and companies cared greatly about how...

Banking Is Supposed To Be Easy Right?

UNITED STATES—I have a bit of a bone to pick and I’m certain plenty of Americans can understand the strife that I am about...

City Of Los Angeles Sues Wells Fargo Bank

CALIFORNIA—The city of Los Angeles filed a suit against Wells Fargo, alleging that bank employees engaged in fraudulent activity. The case was brought to state...
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