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“Survivor: Island Of Idols” Reaches The Merge

HOLLYWOOD─At last, we have reached the merge on the latest season of “Survivor: Island of the Idols.” The season has been a mixed bag...

“Survivor” Delivers Epic Blindside!

HOLLYWOOD—I love a great reality competition series, but some shows become so repetitive and predictable it takes all the fun out of the series,...

“David Vs. Goliath” Merge Brings Fireworks

HOLLYWOOD—This season of “Survivor” has been a ton of fun. I cannot recall the last time the pre-merge was full of exciting exits and...

“Survivor: David Vs. Goliath” Unleashed

HOLLYWOOD—One would think that “Survivor” has not been on for years, but the series kicked off its 37th, yes, you heard me correct, 37th...

Is “Big Brother 20” All-Stars?

HOLLYWOOD—My TV guilty pleasure of the summer is arriving in several weeks. Any guesses as to what reality-competition series I’m referring to? It’s the...
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