Tag: Darnell

“The Chi” Recap: ‘Who Shot Ya?’

HOLLYWOOD—I was so disappointed with the season finale of “The Chi.” I will admit I didn’t think season five of the series was that...

“The Chi” Recap: ‘House Party’

HOLLYWOOD—I must admit last week’s episode of “The Chi” left me speechless with that bomb that was dropped about Q and his tie to...

“The Chi” Season 6 Premieres

HOLLYWOOD—The Showtime drama, “The Chi” returned for its sixth season on Sunday, August 6, after a lackluster season five, in my opinion. The drama...

“The Chi” Recap: ‘I Am The Blues’

HOLLYWOOD—Now this is what you call a season finale. I have been harping about the dismal season five of “The Chi” for the past...

“The Chi” Recap: ‘On Me’

HOLLYWOOD—The fourth episode of “The Chi” started off slow, but the dots are starting to connect and moving into the right direction with, ‘On...
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