Tag: Daytime TV

Why Are Daytime Soaps Continuing To Disappear?

HOLLYWOOD—For those living under a rock, you should enjoy watching “Days of Our Lives” on Broadcast TV for next few weeks as it will...

Surprises Galore At Daytime Emmy Awards

HOLLYWOOD—The biggest accolade you can earn in Daytime TV was all the hoopla on Sunday, May 5, as the 46th annual Daytime Emmy Awards...

Maura West Deserves The Daytime Emmy!

HOLLYWOOD—I sometimes wonder why some of the best of the best when it comes to daytime television, sometimes don’t get the spotlight on the...

Daytime Emmy 2016 Pre-Nominations Announced

HOLLYWOOD—The prize for the biggest award in daytime television, the Emmy, has announced pre-nominees for 2016. The announcement was made on Wednesday, January 27,...
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