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Bare Root Stock Is Seasonal Through Winter

UNITED STATES—Dormant pruning happens during winter, while the plants that benefit from it are dormant. Obviously, it would not be dormant pruning otherwise. Such...

Evergreen Tendencies Are No Mistake

UNITED STATES—Evergreen plants retain foliage throughout the year. Deciduous plants defoliate for part of the year. That is the simplest explanation. The various reasons...

Gutters Collect Falling Autumn Leaves

UNITED STATES—Autumn is also fall for a reason. It is the season during which most deciduous foliage will fall. Some deciduous trees that lack...

Deciduous Trees Defoliate Through Autumn

UNITED STATES—September 22 was the equinox. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, days will get slightly shorter as nights will get slightly longer. The intensity...

Leaves Are Starting To Fall

UNITED STATES—Autumn is slow in getting here. Yes, as of last Sunday, it is now autumn. The date is determined by the equinox, so...

How Shade Is Made

UNITED STATES—Many of our trees live at our homes longer than we do. Some of our trees were there before we got there. Some...
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