Tag: Dedication

Why New Year Resolutions Fail?

UNITED STATES—With the New Year fast approaching, so many of us will begin to start making those New Year’s resolutions, but for reasons we...

Why Some Work And Others Refuse To Work

UNITED STATES—Work, it is something most Americans dread, but we understand it is a must as an adult. It’s how you keep a roof...

Eating Right Is Hard At Times

UNITED STATES—I hate the word diet, but in the world we live in one has to be aware of what he or she puts...

Setting Feasible Standards For That Resolution

UNITED STATES—Well America, 2016 is over, and I’m ecstatic! I really have not been happier to kick-off a New Year and 2017 I have...

Beverly Hills Hosts Electric Fountain Dedication Ceremony

BEVERLY HILLS—On Tuesday, April 5, at 1:30 p.m. there will be a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony at the Electric Fountain in the Beverly...
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