Tag: defoliation

Dormancy Facilitates Survival Through Winter

UNITED STATES—Dormancy is not exclusive to vegetation. Many animals are dormant while they hibernate through cold winter weather. Some animals are dormant while they...

Defoliation Is A Messy Process

UNITED STATES—Autumn foliar color eventually gets messy. Actually, any deciduous foliage can become messy during its autumn defoliation. Color is not a prerequisite. Some...

Defoliation And Dormancy Are Justifiable

UNITED STATES—Defoliation and dormancy begin early for quite a few species within desert and chaparral climates. California buckeye can defoliate during the driest summer...

Gutters And Chimneys Need Attention

UNITED STATES—There is no time that is best to clean the gutters on the eaves. They should probably be cleaned early before the debris...
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