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“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Do Or Die’

HOLLYWOOD—I really had high hopes for “Survivor 41” after what seemed like the longest hiatus ever, but the amount of twists are just torpedoing...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Baby With A Machine Gun’

HOLLYWOOD—So it was apparent the rift between Shan and DeShawn was building in the latest episode of “Survivor 41.” This week’s episode, ‘Baby With...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Who’s Who In The Zoo’

HOLLYWOOD—Once again it has become apparent in the latest episode of “Survivor 41” that DeShawn is a big baby. The friction between Shan and...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘There’s Gonna Be Blood’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week was the first time I can recall that “Survivor” had an episode where we DID NOT go to Tribal Council and no...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Ready To Play Like A Lion’

HOLLYWOOD—So the merge, it has been the moment fans of “Survivor 41” have been eyeing for weeks and it happened sort of with a...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Juggling Chainsaws’

HOLLYWOOD—Just when “Survivor” fans thought we had ENOUGH twists in the first episode of season 41, think again because a new idol was introduced...
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