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Carly Corinthos Escapes Yet Again On “GH!”

HOLLYWOOD—The writers on the ABC soap “General Hospital” are really annoying me. I mean after nearly 2-3 years of dragging the big reveal that...

Victor Cassadine Outwitted On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—So at long last, a villain actually takes a loss on “General Hospital” in epic fashion. I have thoroughly enjoyed Victor Cassadine who brings...

Holly Sutton Busted On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—If it wasn’t already obvious that Holly Sutton was working for Victor Cassadine on “General Hospital,” the truth was exposed this week. Why? Robert’s...

Esme Prince Returns To Port Charles On “GH!”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, the villainess that you love to hate is back in the flesh on “General Hospital.” I’m referring to Esme Prince who made her...

Death Strikes Port Charles On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Who would have known Ava Jerome’s initial attack on “General Hospital” would be the kickoff to a murder mystery. Brando Corbin is dead after...

Esme And Ava Catfight On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—For the fans of “General Hospital” who have been patiently waiting for that catfight between Ava Jerome and her nemesis Esme Prince it was...
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