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Social Security Disability’s Medicare Enrollment Rules

UNITED STATES—Dear Toni, my husband has met his 24th month of being on Social Security Disability which qualifies him for Medicare. His disability is...

Receiving Long Term Disability…Now My Medicare Nightmare Begins?

UNITED STATES─ Reader Alert: Many company benefit plans terminate the day you are no longer working full-time. Explore you or your spouse’s group medical...

Evolution Of: America’s PROBLEM

UNITED STATES—Our nation is being RUINED at its core, while allowing politicians and media to lead us where they WANT our attention directed: the...

Evolution Of: Man-Made Disabilities

UNITED STATES—The evolution of man-made disabilities in America. Once knowledge about harmful substances and practices evolved, we banned them. Working children for long hours, environmental...

Special Olympics Golf & Equestrian In Griffith Park

GRIFFITH PARK—The 2015 Special Olympics World Games, taking place from July 25 to August 2, will be holding their equestrian and golf competitions in...
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