Tag: DNC

Person Responsible For Breonna Taylor’s Death Gets $250,000

Louisville, KY—Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris, former First Lady, Michelle Obama, Singer Demi Lovato, Actress Jessica Alba, Democratic Political Organization, Black Lives Matter and...

Black Lives Matter Funds White People!

UNITED STATES—Black Lives Matter raises billions of dollars with each episode of political spin, thanks to the media who will do anything (even lie)...

Judicial Watch Investigates Biden-Ukraine Connection

UNITED STATES—Judicial Watch announced the filing of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for records regarding Ukraine’s firing of a top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin...

Unfavorable Candidates In The Political Arena

UNITED STATES—Well, it’s a given we have our candidates from the Republican Party (Donald Trump) and the Democratic Party (Hillary Clinton) for the race...
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