Tag: double eviction

“Big Brother 21” Week 11 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—We have been waiting all summer for the biggest night in “Big Brother” history since BB4: Double Eviction. We have seen many dastardly double...

“Big Brother 21” Week 10 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—They are indeed a power duo and if the houseguests do not see how big of a threat they are, then I don’t know...

“Big Brother 19” Week 10 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—Well, we are getting some glimmers of hope “Big Brother” fans! Yes, “Big Brother 19” has been one of the worst seasons of “Big...

“Big Brother 19” Week 8 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—I seriously cannot recall the last time I was so frustrated with a season of “Big Brother,” beyond BB16, but that season had people...

“Big Brother 17” Double Eviction Madness!

HOLLYWOOD—It was the week that fans of “Big Brother 17” had been eagerly awaiting for: a juror was re-entering the game and a double...

“Big Brother 17” Double Eviction Fallout

HOLLYWOOD—Wow, that’s the only word that I can use to describe what transpired during the culmination of week 7 in the “Big Brother 7”...
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