Tag: drought tolerant plants

Cacti Are Notorious For Nonconformity

UNITED STATES—Almost everyone thinks of cacti as tough plants that live out in the hottest and driest parts of the deserts, where few other...

Some Native Plants Should Stay Wild

UNITED STATES—Native plants should be the most sensible options for local landscapes and home gardens. It seems natural that they would be the most...

Summer Is Not For Planting

UNITED STATES—Autumn is the time for planting. Cooling weather slows plants down so that they do not mind disruption so much. Increasing rain (hopefully)...

Eucalypti Are Innately Drought Tolerant

UNITED STATES—Drought is nothing new here. There could be plenty of rain next winter and for years afterward; but eventually, there will be another...

California Natives Are Remarkably Diverse

UNITED STATES—California is a big place, with more environmental diversity than any other state and most other countries. It includes rainy and cool forests...

Cacti Have Bite Without Bark

UNITED STATES—The most inhospitable spots in the garden that no one wants to put any work into seem to be the domain of cacti,...
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