Tag: Edge of Extinction

“Winners At War” Recap: ‘I Like Revenge’

HOLLYWOOD─There was a big blindside last week on “Survivor: Winners at War.” Sele is being decimated by the Dakal tribe, and Adam’s plan to...

“Survivor: Winners At War” Kicks Off!

HOLLYWOOD─I have been waiting, and I mean patiently waiting for the 40th season of “Survivor.” Let’s be clear “Survivor” has not been airing for...

“Survivor: Edge Of Extinction” Crowns A Winner

HOLLYWOOD—I really wanted to get into the latest season of “Survivor,” I’ve watched each week, but this has been a terrible season for me....

Is “Survivor: Edge Of Extinction” A Bust?

HOLLYWOOD—I have been trying my best to get into the latest season of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” What’s the problem? Well, after the terrific...

“Survivor: Edge Of Extinction” Premieres

HOLLYWOOD—After the phenomenal season audiences were treated to last season with the sensational “Survivor: David Vs. Goliath,” this latest entry into the franchise, ‘Edge...
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