Tag: ellis act

City Sues NMS Properties For Violating Ellis Act

SANTA MONICA—In a lawsuit filed on September 28, the Santa Monica Rent Control Board and city of Santa Monica allege that since 2018 NMS...

Councilmembers Motion To Reform Ellis Act

LOS FELIZ—The Los Angeles City Council’s Housing Committee approved a motion to reform California's Ellis Act on Wednesday, October 23 that was written by...

Councilmember Ryu Proposes New Motion To Fight Homelessness

LOS FELIZ—Homelessness in Los Angeles increased to 16 percent and up to 53 percent in District 4 which includes Los Feliz, parts of Silverlake...

West Hollywood To Host A Community Action Forum

WEST HOLLWOOD—According to a press release from the city of West Hollywood, on Thursday, March 9, the city will host a Community Action Forum...
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