Tag: Emilia Clarke

“Last Christmas” Is Holiday Magic

HOLLYWOOD─I am not the biggest fan of romantic comedies because they all seem to tell the same tale. Woman falls for prince charming, but...

“Avengers,” “RBG” Lead MTV Movie And TV Awards Noms

HOLLYWOOD—It doesn’t have the same clout that it used to have, but I do like that the MTV Movie & TV Awards have eliminated...

“Solo” Is An Utter Bore

HOLLYWOOD—Sometimes there are those flicks that are so grand with expectation that they crash and burn so big it leaves you asking just how...

“Me Before You” Will Break Your Heart

HOLLYWOOD—It has been quite some time since, I’ve see an actual romance-drama that made me tear up a bit. I mean everyone tends to...

“Terminator: Genisys” Full Of Action, Nothing Explosive

HOLLYWOOD—“I’ll be back.” Yep, it’s that classic line from “The Terminator" that has become a staple in pop culture, but also a bit overused...
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