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“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘The Calm Before’

HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was one of the best of the season. However, this week the attention turns to...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘The Bridge’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week audiences got an idea of the possible mayhem to come on “The Walking Dead” for season 9. This week additional fractures in...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘The Key

HOLLYWOOD—Last week Negan came up with what I would call a genius idea (utilizing walker blood and guts to infect the enemy). However, as...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘The Lost And The Plunderers’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week the tears were pouring from audiences as we bid farewell to actor Chandler Riggs aka Carl who died after being bitten by...

“The Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Go Getters’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week Negan and his crew made a surprise arrival to Rick and Alexandria, this week, the audience finally got an update on Maggie,...
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