Tag: Epic

Mad Cinerama Dome: A Landmark For Tourists From The Future (11)

UNITED STATES—The Cinerama Dome is a geodesic souvenir. The Buckminster Fuller thing was supposed to run wild, architectural hubris being what it is, so...

Mad Cinerama World: Flying High (9)

  UNITED STATES—Airplanes have a starring role in some of the most breathtaking and hilarious scenes in “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.” In this...

Mad Mad Cinerama World (3)

UNITED STATES—This extravaganza from MGM-United Artists was going to keep us kids, respectively eight and six years old, up way late past the edge...

“Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Is An Epic, Action Packed Love Triangle

HOLLYWOOD—The phenomenon known as “Twilight” has transformed pop culture and the theater experience.  Whether you’re a twi-hard fan or someone from the outside trying...
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