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“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Who’s Who In The Zoo’

HOLLYWOOD—Once again it has become apparent in the latest episode of “Survivor 41” that DeShawn is a big baby. The friction between Shan and...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Ready To Play Like A Lion’

HOLLYWOOD—So the merge, it has been the moment fans of “Survivor 41” have been eyeing for weeks and it happened sort of with a...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘The Strategist Or The Loyalist’

HOLLYWOOD—Yes, last week’s boot of JD from the UA tribe on “Survivor 41” was predictable, but what would transpire with only three members on...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Juggling Chainsaws’

HOLLYWOOD—Just when “Survivor” fans thought we had ENOUGH twists in the first episode of season 41, think again because a new idol was introduced...
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