Tag: feminism

Lana Del Rey Defends Her Post

HOLLYWOOD—The 2014 Billboard Music Award nominee Lana Del Rey has recently come under fire for a recent Instagram post where she stated, "Now that...

Simone Leigh At The Hammer Museum

WESTWOOD—On Saturday, January 7 and Sunday, January 8, the Hammer Museum on Wilshire Boulevard will feature a “performative lecture” by artist Simone Leigh and...

Speak Easy: The Age Of Reason

UNITED STATES—This is part two in my satirical Thomas Paine series. His words motivated Washington’s troops on Christmas Day when they were freezing and...

Speak Easy: The American Crisis

UNITED STATES—The American Crisis. December is the anniversary of a famous plea by Thomas Paine titled, The American Crisis, started in 1776 to rally public...

Sheena McFeely: Author, Teacher, Mother And More

UNITED STATES—Sheena McFeely is a Deaf advocate, experienced ASL instructor, vlogger and creator of ASL Nook, founder of The Pearls and most recently, acclaimed author....

Cultural Secret: Boys Are Better

BEL AIR—Freedom and opportunity led my parents to America. Once they arrived, they built an American Dream upon a foundation of their native cultural...
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