Tag: Finding Dory

“Ghostbusters” Loses At The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It was a battle of the paranormal vs. a bunch of pets at the box-office over the weekend. Any guesses as to who came...

“The Secret Life Of Pets” Stuns Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well I totally expected “Finding Dory” to remain in the top spot of the box-office for the fourth consecutive weekend, but was I ever wrong....

“Finding Dory” Is Charming Fun

HOLLYWOOD—Can you believe it has been nearly 13 years since audiences were first introduced to a precocious little fish name Nemo in “Finding Nemo?”...

“Dory” Edges Out “Tarzan” At The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—There were indeed some fireworks from new flicks that invaded theaters over the Fourth of July weekend, but it was a little fish that...

“Finding Dory” Destroys “Independence Day” At Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It was a battle at the box-office with a ton of new movies arriving in theaters, but those flicks were no match for a...

“Finding Dory” Sets Box-Office Record

HOLLYWOOD—Well, a little fish broke some epic records at the box-office this weekend, as the sequel to the 2003 hit “Finding Nemo” took full...
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