Tag: fitness

Workout 101

UNITED STATES—I hate working out, there, I’ll admit it, but if I don’t get off my bum and move my body the list of...

Woman Wins $80,000 Challenge

SANTA MONICA—For their 5th Annual Transformation Challenge, Iron Man Magazine awarded $80,000 to both female and male winners of the challenge, in addition to a $40,000...

KidTribe Hula Hoop Concert at Tongva Park

SANTA MONICA—On Saturday, May 23, KidTribe, the award-winning hula hoop fitness group, will hold a two-hour concert at Santa Monica’s Tongva Park. KidTribe, founded by...

Bravo Star Greg Plitt Killed By Train

BURBANK—Fitness model and Bravo TV reality star Greg Plitt was struck and killed by a Metrolink train in Burbank on Saturday, January 17. He was...


UNITED STATES—Frugality and wealth go hand in hand. They dance the dance, and to cut into that dance and waltz with the likes of...
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