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Migrants Bussed To VP Kamala Harris’ Residence

UNITED STATES—On September 15, two busloads of migrants arrived at the home of Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence at the United States...

Trump Wins Favorite In CPAC Straw Poll

UNITED STATES—Former President, Donald Trump, won the straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference that took place August 4-7 at the...

Biden Administration Transports Illegal Immigrants Across U.S.

UNITED STATES—The Biden Administration reportedly transported undocumented aliens from the U.S/Mexico border to airports where they were flown into various states throughout the country. Television...

Governor Gavin Newsom Reinstates Mask Mandate

CALIFORNIA—The state of California  reinstated a statewide mask mandate beginning Wednesday, December 15 and ending January 15, 2022. State officials have cited a 50...

Governors Calling For Border Security

UNITED STATES—On Tuesday, September 20, 26 Republican governors wrote a joint letter to President Joe Biden requesting that his administration put an end to...
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