Tag: Focus

Making Your Dream Job A Focus

UNITED STATES—I have always known for quite some time what I was put on this planet to do. You might say it is your...

The Work From Home Challenge

UNITED STATES─So many employers have enacted a work from home policy in the midst of this global crisis that has stifled the economy and...

“Cinderella” Enchants Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—After what appeared to be a slow box-office after the impressive debut for “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the box-office is back in business. Moviegoers...

“Chappie” Rules The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It was indeed a very slow weekend at the box-office. Last week’s box-office champion “Focus” lost the #1 spot to the robot flick “Chappie.”...

“Focus” Is One Fun Ride

HOLLYWOOD—It’s been quite some time since a caper flick has hit theaters, at least one that knows how to present the audience with constant...

“Focus” Rules The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well Will Smith has returned to theaters. Smith who hasn’t had a movie hit the multiplex since 2013’s monumental failure “After Earth,” took the...
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