Tag: foliar

Cut Foliage For Christmas Decor

UNITED STATES—Christmas trees are extreme cut foliage. They grow on farms like cut foliage that florists use, but are entire trees! Although most fit...

Fern Foliage Is Softly Bold

UNITED STATES—Ferns are foliar perennials. They provide neither floral color nor fragrance. They provide neither fruits nor vegetables. With few exceptions, they provide no...

Ornamental Foliage Augments Spring Color

UNITED STATES—Spring bloom is the most colorful color in the garden here. It is not the only color though. Some deciduous foliage will provide...

Foliar Color Goes Beyond Simple Green

UNITED STATES—New England is famous for spectacular foliar color through autumn. Such color is merely seasonal though, and almost exclusive to deciduous vegetation. With...

Palms Are Very Distinctive Among Trees

UNITED STATES—Palms seem to exemplify the culture of California. However, only the California fan palm, which is also the desert fan palm, is native....
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