Tag: forgiveness

Street Sweeping Forgiveness Process Underway

SANTA MONICA—During the Santa Monica City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 14, it was approved a forgiveness program for street sweeping citations issued between...

Second Chances For Drummer Boy

MALIBU—My daddy always said… fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. He wasn’t big on giving second chances, although...

What Good Is An Apology?

UNITED STATES—There is a topic that I really want to discuss and I think it’s something that should be of importance to all Americans:...

What Is A Sincere Apology People?

UNITED STATES—To apologize or not to apologize that is the question of the day. I sometimes ask myself why in the world is it...

Earning Trust

UNITED STATES—Is it possible for a person to fully earn back the respect of someone who they wronged so badly that the person forgives...
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