Tag: fragrance

Aromatic Foliage Attracts And Repels

UNITED STATES—After their invention in ancient Rome, window boxes became overly prevalent in Venice. They contained herbs and vegetables where space was limited within...

Fragrance Is Out Of Sight

Most flowers rely on wind for dispersion of their pollen. The remainder do what they must to attract pollinators. Of these, the majority are...

Fragrant Flowers Have Ulterior Motives

UNITED STATES—Many who enjoy gardening appreciate fragrant flowers. Many grow particular flowers specifically for their fragrance. Yet, not many consider why so many flowers...

Stinky Flowers Serve Their Purpose

UNITED STATES—From a human perspective, flowers should not be stinky. They should be pretty and colorful, and perhaps delightfully fragrant. Many flowers in landscapes...

Few Flowers Have Both Color And Fragrance

UNITED STATES—More flowers bloom as winter becomes early spring than at any other time of year. For many flowers, bloom is significantly accelerated this...
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