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“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘Full Tilt Boogie’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week we saw another member of Ratu bit the dust on the latest season of “Survivor.” This week’s episode, ‘Full Tilt Boogie’ exposed...

“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘Under The Wing Of A Dragon’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week was the first episode of “Survivor 44” where I felt after 3-4 episodes that didn’t deliver found a way to reel me...

“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘Don’t Get Cocky Kid’

HOLLYWOOD—I think I can finally make the assessment that this week’s episode of “Survivor” FINALLY gave us an actual merge and Tribal Council with...

“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘Let’s Not Be Cute About It’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s so called merge wasn’t actually the merge on “Survivor.” This week’s episode, ‘Let’s Not Be Cute About It” actually saw the merge...

“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘Sneaky Little Snake’

HOLLYWOOD—Two weeks in a row we’ve had good episodes on the latest season of “Survivor.” The question that is still up in the air...

“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘Two Dorky Magnets’

HOLLYWOOD—With all the medical emergencies during the premiere episode of “Survivor” season 44, I was worried about the season. However, that epic first Tribal...
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