Tag: free education

Mental Health Awareness Month!

UNITED STATES—May is Mental Health Awareness Month and instead of the usual DOOM and GLOOM statistics let's go back to the basics because it...

Speak Easy: Rights Of (hu)MAN

UNITED STATES—This is part three in my satirical Thomas Paine series. His words were used to lobby others in the fight to safeguard our...

W.E.B. DuBois And Frederick Douglass!

UNITED STATES—I was waiting for Black History Month so that I could use it to showcase a couple of GREAT thinkers who would support...

The Discretionary Faculties Of The Mind

UNITED STATES—One hundred years ago we considered cognition (thinking), affect (feeling), and conation (actions) to be the Three Faculties of the Mind. Great thinkers debated...

Speak Easy: Bullying Begins At Home

UNITED STATES—People are bullied at work, in school, and many other places. We know why they bully and even the kinds of characteristics prominent...
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