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Kevin Spacey Comes Out Amid Sexual Harassment Incident

HOLLYWOOD—Kevin Spacey publicly came out as a gay man on Twitter on Sunday, October 29, amid allegations that he made sexual advances on a...

Former Jimmy Choo Employee Suing Supervisor, Company

BEVERLY HILLS—A former Jimmy Choo store employee is suing his former supervisor and brand creator Jimmy Choo alleging he received harassment and faced discriminatory...

WeHo To Host First Annual Sports Festival

WEST HOLLYWOOD—The Los Angeles Volleyball Organization (LAVO), in conjunction with 10 other local gay sports leagues, has put together the first annual West Hollywood...

Same Sex Marriage Declared A Constitutional Right

UNITED STATES—The Supreme Court made a historic decision on June 26, with a 5-4 vote declaring same sex marriage as a constitutional right extending to...

WeHo Resident Reports First Hate Crime Of 2015

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Walking to his home at 2 a.m. after celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Don Brooks was attacked in an alleged hate crime on...
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