Tag: Genoa City

Who Is Stalking Sharon Newman On “Young And Restless!”

HOLLYWOOD—Now, this is an interesting development on the CBS soap, “The Young and the Restless.” We’ll talk about the Diane, Jack, Phyllis mayhem a...

February Sweeps Update On “Young And Restless!”

UNITED STATES—Hmm, where should we begin, I know I discussed the impending war that is brewing between Jack Abbott and Victor Newman over Adam...

“Young And Restless” Kicks Off November Sweeps

HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, “The Young and the Restless” is getting ready for November sweeps in a major way America. For starters, that mystery involving Zack...

Tragedy Strikes Genoa City On “Young And Restless?”

HOLLYWOOD—A few weeks ago we discussed the ramifications of Steve Burton aka Dylan McAvoy leaving the residents of Genoa City on the CBS soap...

“The Young And The Restless” Double Take

HOLLYWOOD—In the soap world having a double is something that happens more often than ever. The CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” recently...
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