Tag: George Harrison

Evolution Of: White Cats

UNITED STATES—I must confess! A couple of cat lovers expressed upset feelings with my decision to write about dogs and not cats a couple...

Ringo Starr Hosting Three-Day Auction For Beatles Memorabilia

BEVERLY HILLS—For the next three days, Ringo Starr, former drummer for The Beatles, will be putting items up for auction. Starr and his wife, actress...

George Harrison Memorial Tree Replanted

GRIFFITH PARK—The George Harrison Memorial Tree was replanted in Griffith Park on Wednesday, February 25. The original tree, a Canary Island pine, was planted February...

Fans Gather For George Harrison Memorial

GRIFFITH PARK—On November 29, a throng of dedicated fans paid tribute to Beatles’ singer lead guitarist, George Harrison, on the 13th anniversary of his...
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